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UMore Park: University of Minnesota Outreach, Research and Education Park

Concept Master Plan Book, January 2009

The Concept Master Plan for the University of Minnesota's New Sustainable Community at UMore Park 

January, 2009

Select a section of the Concept Master Plan Book for viewing:

Table of Contents and Executive Summary (4 MB PDF) [cover-p. 20]

Concept Master Plan (3.6 MB PDF) [pp. 21-46]

Appendix: Site Background and Analysis (7.2 MB PDF) [pp. 47-74]

Appendix: Evolution of the Planning Process (2.9 MB PDF) [pp. 75-89]

Appendix: Environment (5.8 MB PDF) [pp. 90-139]

Appendix: Community (6.3 MB PDF) [pp. 140-196]

Appendix: Economic (1.1 MB PDF) [pp. 197-211]

Appendix: Art (2.3 MB PDF) [pp. 212-223]

Appendix: Implementation (1.8 MB PDF) [pp. 224-230]

Reference Materials (1.9 MB PDF) [pp. 231-back cover]