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UMore Park

UMore Park: University of Minnesota Outreach, Research and Education Park

Ongoing Planning

Alternative Urban Area-wide Review
The City of Rosemount, Empire Township, and the University of Minnesota completed an alternative urban area-wide review (AUAR) for the 5,000 acre UMore Park. Organizations, agencies and citizens had the opportunity to comment on the draft AUAR during multiple public comment periods. The State of Minnesota process, led by the City, identified ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate environmental impacts on the 5,000-acre UMore Park property by addressing a series of topics and assessing various scenarios for mixed-use development over approximately 30 years. Detailed information and updates are available at the City of Rosemount website. Milestones included:

     May 21 City approval of publication of draft AUAR
     June 10 - July 10 Draft AUAR 30-day comment period
     June 24 AUAR public meeting, Rosemount Community Center
     August 6 Empire Township Planning Commission
     August 13 Empire Township Town Board
     September 3 - 14 Revised draft AUAR 10-day comment period
     October 1 Empire Township Planning Commission recommend approval of AUAR
     October 8 Empire Township Town Board
     October 8 City of Rosemount Planning Commission
     October 15 Rosemount City Council set to adopt final AUAR






Sand and Gravel Resources Project
Sand and gravel mining is scheduled to commence in 2013 as preparation for ancillary use facilities is underway. The City of Rosemount approved permits for Dakota Aggregates LLC to conduct large-scale mining extraction in the UMore Park property in December 2012. The 40-year lease was completed in June 2011. See milestones for additional details.

Integration Plan
The Integration Plan: Infusing Sustainability into Planning and Development for UMore Park seeks to connect the overall vision for the property with the aspirational goals for sustainability outlined in the The Sustainable Community at UMore Park report using the 2009 Concept Master Plan as a foundation. The report was completed in March 2012 by Joachim Eble Architektur.

Action Plan for Sustainability
The Sustainable Community at UMore Park: Aspirational Goals and Action Plan for Sustainability identifies goals and performance targets for sustainability at UMore Park and to creates a plan to achieve them. The companion summary publication highlights the most compelling aspects of the 10 principles and aspirational goals

Concept Master Plan
The concept master plan (455 KB PDF) for the 5,000-acre UMore Park property was presented to the University of Minnesota Board of Regents and the public on November 14, 2008. The plan was completed in conjunction with the nationally recognized planning firm DesignWorkshop of Aspen, Colorado.The Board of Regents approved the concept master plan in a December 2008 resolution (53 KB PDF). 

View the 25-page concept master plan summary (5.4 MB PDF). 

Or view sections of the 250-page concept master plan book.    

The recommended concept master plan incorporates the following elements:

  • Public comments and the perspectives of neighboring jurisdictions, public and private sector organizations, citizens and the University community;
  • The integration of the institution's academic mission of research, education and public engagement into planning and development over the long term;
  • The detailed information on the quantity, quality and location of sand and gravel deposits on the 5,000-acre property;
  • The institutional commitment, as a conscientious steward of its physical resources, to continue to coordinate with local jurisdictions, state and federal agencies to assess and remediate the property, with a focus on the acres that were the site of the former Gopher Ordnance Works;
  • The engagement of neighboring jurisdictions to plan in a manner that is consistent with planning and development processes and that benefits the University, local jurisdictions, the broader region and citizens;
  • The flexibility that will accommodate new opportunities and future change over the 25- to 30- year process of creating a master planned community; and
  • The commitment to the public good consistent with the traditions of the University as a land grant institution.


UMore Park concept master planning grew out of strategic planning to develop a comprehensive and effective plan for UMore Park in keeping with the academic mission of the University of Minnesota and Board of Regents' guiding principles. 

Following the strategic planning report, the Board of Regents resolved to proceed with concept master planning for development of a new community. Narrowed from 30 potential development themes, four development scenarios were forwarded for public comment and consideration in June 2008.

The actions and decisions that led up to the production of a concept master plan for UMore Park are compiled in the report, The Vision for the UMore Park Property: Serving the Public, Transforming the U, a summary of planning activities, November 2006-June 2008 (83 KB PDF).