University of Minnesota
UMore Park

UMore Park: University of Minnesota Outreach, Research and Education Park

Planning and Development

The University is pursuing the creation of the new community on the 5,000-acre UMore Park property guided by Board of Regents principles.

With oversight and guidance provided by the UMore Development LLC Board of Governors, the UMore Park leadership team is managing a multifaceted portfolio of dynamic, integrated plans for development of an innovative, University-founded community in Dakota County. The major elements listed below include activities that draw on local and national development and planning expertise as well as University research and education strengths.

View the development activity fact sheet (216 KB PDF)

Ongoing Planning
The University continues to work with local jurisdictional representatives to incorporate elements of the concept master plan for the UMore Park property into existing comprehensive plans through comprehensive plan amendments. The University's concept master planning efforts help to guide future development of the UMore Park property.

Sand and Gravel Resources Project
The Sand and Gravel Resources Project Environmental Impact Statement process was undertaken to assess potential environmental impacts of proposed mining on the UMore Park property.

Environmental Activities
Ongoing environmental activities investigate physical aspects of the site.

View select UMore Park publications including background and vision reports on the University's property as well as analyses of physical aspects of the site.